OpenText Correspondence Tracking

An enterprise-class solution that helps organizations track and improve coordination and communication for incoming correspondence that requires a formal response.

Organizations require a solution that will provide an easy-to-use, automated process for receiving, tracking, and responding to incoming correspondence in a way that provides timely responses, reduces backlog, and provides a full history of all interactions. OpenText Correspondence Tracking fits this by effectively tracking and improving coordination and communication for any incoming correspondence, from both internal and external sources.

The solution extends the capabilities of the Open Text Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite with a comprehensive offering to support the capture, tracking, and management of correspondences and related administrative tasks. Organizations use it to track all correspondence in any format and ensure that the necessary response has been made, determine how long it took to respond, and what the response contained. Significantly improve your efficiency and productivity with this comprehensive solution for tracking inbound and outbound correspondences, managing correspondence handling processes, and storing correspondence content in a secure, long-term archive.



Correspondence Tracking